Will Eyelashes Grow Back?

Trichotillomania is a type of mental disorder. The people suffering from this disorder will pull their hair out of their scalp, eye lashes and eye brows. People with the disorder will rarely pull hair out of other areas of the body like the genital area, the underarms, and the face e.g. moustache and beard.

This disorder is more common in women compared to men. It usually occurs at times of stress. People with trichotillomania might also pull their hair without even realizing it. This pulling of hair might result in loss of hair and bald patches. Most commonly, sufferers pull hair out of their eye lashes as they are the most sensitive areas. After doing this action they will always have a feeling of relief.

Due to the pulling of the hairs of the eye lashes, there will be loss of lash density and thickness. Sufferers know that they are plucking their hair but they will not be able to stop the action. This is because of the specifics of the disorder. It is just like the habit of smoking. But after completing the action people will always feel embarrassed and wonder when their eye lashes will grow back. When there are missing eye lashes people usually will usually use plenty of make up in order to cover the missing hairs.

The hairs which are plucked out from the eye lashes will not normally grow back quickly but there are some steps which can be taken in order to fix things. There are many oils which can be used and applied on the area where there is loss of hair e.g. the eye lashes so that the hair can grow back. The best option is castor oil which can be applied directly. It will make the hair grow back. It nurtures the follicles naturally. That way, it helps the eye lashes grow back. Castor oil can be bought from a chemist shop or from a local store too. It is quite thick so you should be careful when applying it.

After using castor oil therapy, if the hair does not grow back within 2 to 3 months then it is very difficult to fix things. Generally the lashes won’t grow. This is because the root will be damaged due to the pulling activity and once the root is damaged then the hair will not grow back. But people can keep on trying with the natural products.

There are many people who have said that their hair has grown back after the usage of the natural products like castor oil, fruits and vegetables. You can also get recommendations from a well-trained health practitioner. It is crucial that the instructions are followed as set by the health practitioner.

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