Trichotillomania Eyelashes

Trichotillomania is a disorder, which makes people pull their own hair. They usually pull hair out of areas such as the scalp, eye lashes and eye brows. Sometimes the people affected with this disorder will also pull hair from other body parts. However, this is very rare. This activity results in the loss of hair in the affected areas.

People with trichotillomania display a range of the symptoms, some of which are very obvious. They will always have an urge to pull their hair. After this, they will experience a feeling of satisfaction and relief.

The exact cause of trichotillomania is not known yet but many believe that it is caused due to biological factors and environmental factors. There are also many triggers for this disorder like stress, lower levels of the serotonin and lot more. The most important thing which can be done to get rid of the disorder is to try to reduce the stress which is experienced in the day to day life.

People suffering from this disorder will have great urge to pull their eye lashes. The eye lids are among the most vulnerable places. People will be very intense when pulling hairs from their eye lash area.

The eye lashes are virtually very short and coarse hairs. This makes the person with trichotillomania pull them more frequently when compared to hairs in other parts of the body. It is also the area which will be felt very often whenever the person touches the area for rubbing the eyes, or cries or blinks. At that time the person will pull their lashes out. It is one of the target areas for the person with the disorder because of its unique structure and location.

Eye lashes which are missing because of the action will be very difficult to hide compared to bald patches on the scalp and the eye brows. If an individual has a missing part of the eye lashes then it seems that he or she definitely has a problem. People with this disorder will gradually start to pull hair from the scalp and then move on to the eye lashes. They will seek a more intense sensation in that particular area and will continue to pull their lashes. If a person has missing eye lashes then this indicates clearly that the person is not healthy either physically or mentally

If person is noticed with missing eye lashes then immediate treatment should be suggested to them. It is necessary in order to get rid of the behavior and the disorder as a whole. There are many treatments available. These include psychotherapies and medications. The treatment should be decided by the doctor only.

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