5 Steps For Trichotillomania Hair Regrowth

The disorder which makes people pull their own hair is known as trichotillomania. People affected with this disorder will usually pull hair out of areas like the scalp, eye brows and eye lashes. This action is usually triggered by a stressful event.

Sometimes they don’t even know that they are pulling their hair. After the episode of hair pulling they will feel ashamed and embarrassed about what has happened. They will use a lot of makeup in order to cover the pulled hair.

This disorder is generally characterized by the urge to pull hair and the feeling of relief after doing it. This might result in bald patches and loss of hair. Generally the hair which is pulled out will not grow if the root has been damaged. But in some cases it can be re-grown if an effective approach is adopted.

Step 1:

You can undergo to a mental health treatment in order to improve the symptoms of trichotillomania. By doing so, you will be able stop pulling hair out of different parts of your body and this will help hair grow back.

Generally habit reversal therapy and behavioral therapy are known to be highly effective for patients. Sometimes hypnosis will be used as well. Hypnosis will help you realize the triggers which make you pull your hair and control them and eliminate them eventually. Once you get rid of this destructive behavior, your hair will grow back again.

Step 2:

You can take anti-depressant medications in order to control the urge to pull hair out of parts of your body. Many people have achieved positive results by taking the anti-depressant medications together with undergoing some kind of therapy. When you no longer pull your hair, the hair follicles will be produce new hairs.

Step 3:

You can improve the health of the scalp in order to promote hair growth. For this you can eat healthy food which will help for hair growth. Foods which contain omega-3 fatty acids will help a lot for stimulating the hair growth in the scalp. Drinking plenty of water will help in hair re-growth as water keeps the skin healthy.

Step 4:

You can massage your scalp if you are able to control the urge to pull your hair. Massaging the scalp will help for improving blood circulation. In turn, this will stimulate hair growth. Eventually, the hair follicles will start functioning normally and you will not have any hair problems.

Step 5:

There are many products which can be used to make the hair grow back. You just need to make sure that they will be effective in your particular case as many are formulated to cure male pattern baldness, in particular. Also, natural products like castor oil, fruits and vegetables can be used in order to achieve this effect.

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