How To Stop Trichotillomania?

Pulling hair from areas of the body like the eye lashes, eye brows, and scalp and sometimes from other parts is nothing but trichotillomania, which is a type of mental disorder. It is generally believed to be caused by environmental and biological factors and the symptoms which are related to it are a direct result of hair pulling. A sufferer will have bald patches where the hair has been pulled out. They will experience pleasure and satisfaction after completing the action. They will feel an urge to pull out their hairs.

The best way to get rid of this disorder is to stop it. There are many ways to stop the trichotillomania disorder but much effort and time is needed. The patient who is suffering from the condition should have more patience while trying out the ways to stop the disorder.

Ways to Stop Trichotillomania:

  • Wear a bandana to bed to avoid unconscious hair pulling
  • reward yourself  if you don’t pull your hair for several days or even for several hours
  • Prepare a chart and make a note if you go without pulling your hair during the day
  • Have more patience
  • Talk with a person who is close to you about the disorder
  • Join a support group
  • Know what your body needs at the time of pulling your hair and do that thing instead of pulling out the hair
  • Wet your hair when you feel an urge to pull it. This makes very difficult to pull it out.
  • Get a membership with TLC
  • Try to avoid drinking caffeine before going to bed since it is often the best time to pull the hair out.
  • Try to stimulate the senses and do some other things at that time.
  • Do other things with your hand like knitting, cross stitch and crocheting when you feel like pulling your hair.
  • Buy a fidget toy.
  • Try having a hypnotherapy.
  • Wear a hoodie to the bed which acts as a barrier for hair pulling.
  • Consult a psychologist who performs a cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Try the exposure therapy.
  • Have some reasonable goals like: I won’t pull for the next several months. Also keep on increasing the time.
  • Look in to the mirror to notice the hair grown and be proud of your hard work.
  • Always have a positive attitude.
  • Instead of pulling it, brush your hair.
  • Make yourself busy so that you do not have time to think about the disorder.
  • Keep on helping others and they might help you back.
  • Watch shows and learn more about the disorder on the internet to get rid of it.
  • Keep a journal of your feelings.
  • You can also wear a wig for the whole day till you go to bed.
  • Try to imagine your life without the disorder.
  • Place gel or a lotion in the hand as this makes to hard to pull hair out.
  • Wear a rubber band and if you feel an urge to pull your hair then snap the band around your wrist so that the action will be stopped.
  • Meditate when you feel that you want to pull your hair.

These are the effective tips to stop trichotillomania.

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