How To Treat Trichotillomania

The most effective method for treating the trichotillomania disorder is therapy which must be combined with a network providing emotional support. Apart from therapies there are also many other treatments which are available for this disorder. Still, little research has been conducted in order to determine how effective those treatments are.


This type of therapy is a talk therapy which is often used for treating emotional problems and mental health conditions. The psychiatrist will talk with the affected person in order to learn more about them. According the results from the psychoanalysis further treatment will be recommended.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

This therapy comes under the category of psychotherapy. It is the most often recommended for people who are suffering from trichotillomania. This therapy helps you with addressing your thoughts and relationships and teaches you how to relate with the world which is around you. This therapy will be done in such a way that it changes the behavior. It should help for reducing the urge to pull hair out. Because of this it is also called as habit reversal therapy.

This therapy includes:

  • Education about the condition of the body and also about how it is treated
  • Making you aware of why and when you pull out your hair.
  • Educating you on how to create a new response when you feel an urge to pull your hair out
  • Creating barriers which help you to stay away from pulling out your hair
  • Making your friends and your family involved in the treatment which is given for you


Hypnosis is actually done in order to change the state of consciousness. At the time of hypnosis, the doctor will try to change your behavior and you will be more likely to change your state and will stop pulling your hair out. The patient will typically accept the suggested changes quickly.

Relaxation strategies

There are many relaxation strategies which help for dealing with trichotillomania. Relaxation techniques like breathing exercises and meditation can be done to get rid of the disorder

Family therapy

Trichotillomania is a disorder which might cause distress to your family. Typically family members will feel powerless when it comes to helping you. In such cases it is better to consult a therapist. The therapist will be able to meet the family and explore the entire family’s views and relationships. They will also be able to understand whether the family is having any problem or not. This therapy is very helpful if a young child is having the disorder. Then the family will be able to work on the issues which the person with the disorder is facing.


Medications are also very effective for treating trichotillomania. However, they must be tried only if the therapies don’t work. A medication like SSRI, lithium, clomipramine can be used only if it is prescribed by a doctor.

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